What Is An Apprenticeship Worth?

Is An Apprenticeship Worthwhile?

Students have been somewhat brainwashed during the past 20 years into believing that University and a degree is the only path to take if they want to maximise their earnings, but, there are flaws in that thinking process that an apprenticeship can fill quite successfully.

Apprenticeships offer students the chance to learn while they earn, so they don’t leave in 4 years time, with £40,000 of debt and a head full of dreams.

One major issue in the Uk is that Universities are run and controlled by academics….. who frequently, while having heads full of knowledge, have little concept of how the knowledge they imapart to the next generation will actually impact their lives and help them to progress.

Learning for the sake of learning is a fruitless process, and many universities are committed to teaching what they know rather than what their students can take into the workpalce and successfully sell as a skill.

We have many degree courses that are outdated, not fit for purpose and nearing extinction, but such is the intelligence gap between the educators and the business sector that millions of students are being sold degree courses which have no jobs to lead to.

Apprenticeships bridge this gap. By virtue of the fact that an apprenticeship placement joins the work placement with the day release training and future qualification, giving you a qualification closely related to the work that you are doing, gives you an improved skillset that will inhance your earning power.