Commercial Cleaning in London

London Commercial Cleaning Contractors

It has never been more important to have the best commercial cleaning service on your team.

We are entering a world where maintaining good hygiene isn’t just important for a business, it is critical for the wellbeing and even for the safety and lives of your staff, employees and customers.

Business will return to whatever our new normal will be. In doing so we are going to have to adjust and adapt to provide safe spaces for workers.

Effective cleaning services for business are going to become an even more essential component of running a company.

Being able to function as a business depends on having a happy, healthy workforce. Flex Cleaning are commercial cleaning specialists, covering central London, the city and surrounding areas.

If you need a high level of cleaning for your business premises, look no further than Flex who provide a bespoke cleaning service to suit the specific needs of each client.

COVID-19 has created many issues for business owners, how to restructure work spaces, common areas, bathroom facilities and meeting rooms so that they are safe spaces for all to work in.

Social distancing has required the rearranging of work areas, with reduced footfall. While many companies have tried to use a work from home model where possible, for others, an office is required.

Productivity is going to be an issue going forwards as warehousing operations can struggle with social distancing, especially for picking and packing operations, loading and unloading etc.

While online meetings can help to overcome some of these challenges, it has never been more important to have a detailed cleaning and disinfecting regime in place to maintain a clean safe work environment for all employees.

Flex have created bespoke cleaning schedules for specific businesses to allow them to reopen, and maintain their operations through this challenging time. Ask them how they can help you to thrive.