Commercial Cleaning in London

London Commercial Cleaning Contractors

It has never been more important to have the best commercial cleaning service on your team.

We are entering a world where maintaining good hygiene isn’t just important for a business, it is critical for the wellbeing and even for the safety and lives of your staff, employees and customers.

Business will return to whatever our new normal will be. In doing so we are going to have to adjust and adapt to provide safe spaces for workers.

Effective cleaning services for business are going to become an even more essential component of running a company.

Being able to function as a business depends on having a happy, healthy workforce. Flex Cleaning are commercial cleaning specialists, covering central London, the city and surrounding areas.

If you need a high level of cleaning for your business premises, look no further than Flex who provide a bespoke cleaning service to suit the specific needs of each client.

COVID-19 has created many issues for business owners, how to restructure work spaces, common areas, bathroom facilities and meeting rooms so that they are safe spaces for all to work in.

Social distancing has required the rearranging of work areas, with reduced footfall. While many companies have tried to use a work from home model where possible, for others, an office is required.

Productivity is going to be an issue going forwards as warehousing operations can struggle with social distancing, especially for picking and packing operations, loading and unloading etc.

While online meetings can help to overcome some of these challenges, it has never been more important to have a detailed cleaning and disinfecting regime in place to maintain a clean safe work environment for all employees.

Flex have created bespoke cleaning schedules for specific businesses to allow them to reopen, and maintain their operations through this challenging time. Ask them how they can help you to thrive.

Stay Safe Shopping Online

Shopping Securely Online

Shopping online is becoming more the “norm” these days than the novelty it was a few years ago. Today many people think nothing of spending money online, and thinking nothing can possibly be a shopper’s folly.

Shopping online is generally safe and secure, but it is as well to remember that a financial transaction is as important to keep safe online, as handling cash in a physical shopping environment.

Keeping your financial details safe online can be just as simple as remembering a few Continue reading Stay Safe Shopping Online

What Is An Apprenticeship Worth?

Is An Apprenticeship Worthwhile?

Students have been somewhat brainwashed during the past 20 years into believing that University and a degree is the only path to take if they want to maximise their earnings, but, there are flaws in that thinking process that an apprenticeship can fill quite successfully.

Apprenticeships offer students the chance to learn while they earn, so they don’t leave in 4 years time, with £40,000 of debt and a head full of dreams.

One major issue in the Uk is that Universities are run and controlled by academics….. who frequently Continue reading What Is An Apprenticeship Worth?

Timber House Construction

Timber In The Frame

House building in Britain has, to varying degrees, employed timber as a building partner since the beginning of recorded time.

Ceremonial burial sites, and major defensive fortifications aside, homes have been built in stone incorporating timber, and in timber with incorporating stone, brick, and mortar since Roman times.

Many fine examples of timbered and semi-timbered houses still stand today, witness to the material’s durability. The material that looks out at us from medieval and Tudor buildings is oak.

Until the seventeen hundreds, Britain had abundant forests of oak, a material durable and hard, which is why it is still visible in certain types of Continue reading Timber House Construction

How To Buy Backlinks Safely

Is It Necessary To Buy Backlinks?

Firstly, it’s important to point out that Google don’t want you to buy backlinks. They consider purchasing back links to improve or manipulate your search engine rankings to be in violation of their terms and conditions.

Because of this it is important to buy the right backlinks that cannot be established as paid links.

With the exception of famous brands and some of the larger and better established websites online it is very difficult to ranking Google by sticking to Continue reading How To Buy Backlinks Safely

UK Road Speed Limits

A Look at Road Speed Limits UK

In 1896, a driver from Faversham in Kent, one Walter Arnold, unwittingly, and probably unwillingly, entered the record books as the first driver of a motor vehicle to be stopped and fined by the police for exceeding speed limits.

Speed limits of 2mph had been established in urban areas some thirty years previously, and applied to both horse drawn and steam driven vehicles, with a rural limit of 4mph. History does not relate how Mr Arnold’s vehicle was chased and apprehended, nor how the claimed speed of 8mph was calibrated, but the resulting fine of 1 shilling stands witness in history.

As the age of the motor vehicle truly dawned, in 1930 speed limits for cars and motor cycles were scrapped, until 1934 when a limit of Continue reading UK Road Speed Limits